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To define the market value…

We think that beauty norms and ideals follow a capitalist logic and that the capitalist order(*1) is sustained by the judgment of people according to beauty norms.Capitalism and its economic principle of market value permeate all areas, whereas egoist interest and the realization of profits play a major role. An individual's value is measured on the basis of usability and it is accordingly turned to account.The logic of profit, competition and output is learned when you are small and internalized.Thence it is also important to “sell yourself well” in your so-called private life. One shows his_her merits (also the ones connected to one's outer appearance) and thus tries to increase his_her own market value.

Similarly to so-called working life people exploit and judge each other in friendships and amorous relationships as well by the profits they yield (for instance the acknowledgement of others). When people chose their partners, they usually pay attention to their partners “market value”. They hope that their partners will increase their own market value or at least have the same market value as they do (nobody wants to feel ashamed for his_her partner ).

A person's market value is connected to her_his “beauty” among other things. “Beauty” is not only defined by bodily traits, outward “attractiveness” is connected to commodities, e.g. clothes, accessories or cosmetics. There are also plenty of groceries or diet products that are supposed to increase the bodily “attractiveness” along with the market value(*2).








(1) We also think that relations of dominance are not only created by capitalism but exist in other forms of society as well.
(2) These products are not only produced in order to fulfill needs but also to make profits. Therefore new needs have to be activated and new markets and target groups have to be found. This means that new products which promise bodily “beauty” incident with more acknowledgement and contentedness are constantly produced.